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What is a football accumulator? And football accumulator tips?

A football accumulator is a type of bet can place on a combination of four or more football matches. Because an accumulator involves correctly predicting four or more outcomes, and football is an often unpredictable game, there is a lower success rate, but higher payout – the money a punter wins – when a football accumulator is successful. However, lots of punters also place doubles (two outcomes) and trebles (three outcomes) and these are sometimes called accumulators.

How do you win a football accumulator?

To win a football accumulator, you have to win every outcome you have predicted, while some bookmakers now offer for accumulators (also known as accas) where you have five or more selections, and you’re only one selection – or outcome – away from winning the bet.

In these instances, bookmakers usually give the punter a free bet to the same value as the stake he originally placed on the accumulator, or a set amount like £5 or £10.

“Bettors can also combine outcomes of football matches with other sports in their accumulators.”

There is no set upper limit for the number of bets you can place on a football accumulator, and bettors can also combine outcomes of football matches with other sports in their accumulators. However, some bookmakers might impose a maximum stake size – the size of the bet you can place – if the odds of your accumulator are very high, which can happen when you combine eight or more outcomes, or five or six very long odds outcomes.

Football accumulator tips are everywhere! You can find today’s football accumulator tips at the top of this page every day, and also some social media exclusives on our Twitter feed. Lots of tipsters offer their advice on the best accumulators, but always exercise your own judgement, and don’t be afraid to go your own way.

One thing we’d definitely recommend is using free bets to give you insurance. Using free bets means if your football accumulator doesn’t win, if you use the free bets effectively, and use two or more at the same time, you can guarantee at least breaking even, if not a small profit.

Check out some selected free bets below to use to place risk-free bets on football accumulator tips you’ve read.

What are the most common types of football accumulator?

As we mentioned at the top, accumulator bets come in all shapes and sizes, from the modest but bankroll building double – where you bet on two outcomes – through to 12, 13, 14 and 15-folds.

In fact, in December 2016, one punter placed £1 on a huge 21-team football accumulator and cashed out with 19 of his 21 selections winning at the time, and two teams due to play later that evening. He received £223,000 for his cashout, where if all 21 teams had won, the accumulator would have paid £1.2million!

Four minutes after he cashed out came vindication; Wycombe Wanderers scored a goal that would’ve ruined his accumulator, leaving it returning nothing. Imagine the celebrations and relief when he saw that goal go in knowing he hadn’t just walked away from a potential extra million pound payout.

Wait, tell me more about football acca insurance

As touched upon above, acca insurance is protection for punters who place football accumulators typically on five or more outcomes. If four out of the five (or five out of six, and so on) legs win, bookmakers will display a show of good faith – or clever marketing – and offer you either your stake back as a free bet, or a set amount awarded as a free bet, such as £5 or £10.

Almost all major bookmakers now offer accumulator insurance, although for some there are a few requirements that must be met, including:

  • An accumulator with a minimum of five selections
  • No odds lower than 1/8 on any leg of the accumulator
  • Only accumulators that cover football matches in major leagues count towards acca insurance

Always check out the Terms and Conditions before relying on your insurance. Better still, follow our football accumulator tips and make sure you just win your bets outright!

How do you calculate football accumulator winnings?

Football odds are typically in fractional or decimal format. For the purposes of calculating your football accumulator wins, decimal odds make for an easier piece of arithmetic.

Decimal odds example

Huddersfield win – 1.89
Ipswich Town win – 2.11
Leicester win – 2.05
Hull City win – 1.65
Chelsea win and over 2.5 – 1.68

You have five winning selections, so you can calculate your payout by simply multiplying your stake by each decimal:

£10 * 1.89 * 2.11 * 2.05 * 1.65 * 1.68 = £226.62 won – happy days!

Fractional odds example

Using the same prices and outcomes as above, but converting the odds into fractional rather than decimal, your football accumulator payout is calculated as follows:

£10 * (89/100 + 1) * (111/100 + 1) * (21/10 + 1) * (13/20 + 1) * (17/25 +1) = £226.62 – as you might expect.

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